Hebei Province Hejian City Jiateng glass products Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is export special hard glass handicrafts, household items, test instrument, environmental protection instrument and glass craft wine bottle design and production of professional manufacturers, with glass Decal factory, a professional designer for you to design the logo.
The factory can be production of crystal crafts and high boron silicon glass BGPO Crafts category: products include crystal glass dual-purpose bottle, built-in high-grade craft bottles, crystal glass Christmas craft gift, a variety of animal shapes in the painting products, household necessities five series, a total of 1000 kinds of specifications. And can be produced according to the drawings and requirements provided by the user.
I plant has a first-class welding, sealing, annealing, baking and other production equipment and advanced production technology, exquisite handmade art skills, improve the detection means, scientific management methods, strict product quality requirements, so that the product distribution throughout the country, into the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Southeast Asian countries, and won the majority of customers.

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