Tips for checking the qualification of glass wine bottles

From China Glass GroupA batch of liquor bottles of the same variety delivered at the same time.
1). Sampling method
1. Sampling method for appearance inspection

If the number of glass bottles delivered in this batch is Z10000 or less (including 10000), 50 bottles need to be sampled by one sampling method. If the number of unqualified appearance reaches more than 10, then the batch will be judged as unqualified; for the number of bottles that arrived in the insulted batch If there are more than 10,000 items, 90 items need to be inspected randomly. If the number of appearance failures reaches more than 18 items, then the batch will be judged as unqualified. For new bottle manufacturers, they need to increase the sampling amount to 120. The number of appearance failures reached more than 20. The batch is judged to be unqualified.

2. Sampling method for full mouth volume and sealing performance inspection
The one-time sampling method is adopted. The inspection level is the special inspection level S-3. The batch range of the inspection lot is 3201-20000. The sampling plan and judgment are shown in Table 1.
2). Judgment of qualified batches and unqualified batches
1. According to the staining of the sample inspection, when the number of unqualified products in the sample is found to be less than or equal to the qualified number, the batch is judged to be qualified, and the quality control department issues its "Inspection Receipt Form"; when the number of unqualified products is found to be greater than or When it is equal to the number of unqualified judgments, the batch is judged to be unqualified, and the Quality Department will issue a "disqualification form".
2. All minor defects. But do not affect product safety, product image and use functions, etc. After consultation by the Quality Control Department, Joint Procurement Department and the supplier, the price will be reduced or selected for use, and through the OA process, all levels of pre-announcement will be obtained Implementation after approval:
3. For serious defects, the quality department shall promptly notify the joint procurement department and the liquor bottle manufacturer. And do the return processing. If necessary, it must be destroyed in conjunction with the supplier. After the OA process, it will be implemented after the approval of the authorities at all levels.
4. The physical sample sealed by both the supplier and the demander is not only the recognition of the quality of the glass wine bottle by the supplier and the demander. It is also the supplier's commitment to quality and the demander's true quality requirements, and it is also a concrete manifestation of the technical requirements in this standard. Therefore, when the actual sample condition is obviously inconsistent with the batch Z large sample control, the batch of glass wine bottles can be directly judged as unqualified.

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