China Glass Group tell you the spraying process of liquor bottle

From Glass Group,The spraying production line of off-gear liquor bottles generally consists of a spray booth, a hanging chain and an oven. The wine bottles need to be treated with water before spraying, and the resulting sewage discharge problems should be paid attention to. The quality of wine bottle spraying is related to factors such as water treatment, surface cleaning of workpieces, electrical conductivity of the hook, air volume, powder spraying volume, and worker's level of operation. The traditional wine bottle spraying process is:
Pre-treatment section: The pre-treatment section of wine bottle spraying includes pre-off, main off, meter adjustment, etc. (the temperature of the main off section should not be too low, and heat preservation is required)

Preheating section: Generally, it takes 8-10min. When the wine bottle reaches the powder spraying room, a certain amount of waste heat should be retained to increase the powder coating rate.

China glass factory yellow pages,Wine bottle soot blowing purification section: the spraying process requires high requirements, this section is indispensable, otherwise the surface of the workpiece will adsorb dust, which will cause defects in glued particles and reduce product quality.

Powder spraying section: The key to this section is the quality of the powder coating sprayed on the wine bottle and the technical level of the powder spraying workers.

Drying section: Baking temperature and baking time are the key control parameters of Z. The curing temperature of powder coating is preferably 180-200. The drying furnace should not be too far away from the powder spraying room, preferably 6m.

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