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From Glass Group,Different types of liquors with different storage periods. Its composition is not the same, but generally contains a certain amount of alcohol, aldehyde, phenol, fatty acids and free water and other substances, showing weak acidity. The glass wine bottles used to hold liquor mainly contain Si02. 03, CaO, MgO and Na20 Na20-CaO-Si0 series glass, which is connected by bridging oxygen [Si04] to form a three-dimensional spatial network structure, non-bridging oxygen Under the action of electrostatic force, external body ions such as NaeCat X and M are adsorbed around it. 

When glass wine bottles contain different types of liquors with different storage periods. Its composition is not the same, but generally contains a certain amount of drunk, aldehydes, aldehydes, fatty acids and free water and other substances, which are weakly acidic. The glass wine bottles used to hold liquor mainly contain Si02, 03, CaO, MgO and The Na20-CaO-Si0 series glass of Na20 and other components forms a three-dimensional spatial network structure through the bridge oxygen connection [Si04], and the non-bridging oxygen places the Nae Cat ten and M and other network outer bodies under the action of electrostatic force. Ions are adsorbed around it. When the glass wine bottle is filled with liquor, the free water in the wine will react with some components in the wine bottle, so that a small amount of wine bottle components will dissolve into the filled liquor. Customized glass wine bottle and free water in the liquor When in contact, the H in the water is exchanged with that in the glass. 

The reaction formula is as follows:
The neutralization reaction eventually leads to an increase in Na in the sprinkles: when there is K in the components of the wine bottle, K will also react similarly with water. The occurrence of reaction (2) destroys the three-dimensional network structure of part of the [Si04] in the glass, so that some of the c and h4, which are the external ions of the glass network, are dissolved into the wine: At the same time, the Al, which is the intermediate ions of the glass network, is in the glass. The wine bottle exists in the glass in the form of network forming body ions. When the three-dimensional network structure of Si041 is destroyed. The network structure will also be destroyed. So that a small amount of it will be dissolved in the wine. However, the above reaction is controlled by reaction (1), which has a slow reaction speed Z; at the same time, part of the silicic acid gel 1/b produced by reaction (2) will dissolve in the wine, and most of it will adhere to the surface of the glass to form an exchange The NaOH produced by the reaction will react with the (O)3S i-OH produced by the reaction and the fatty acid ROOH in the wine. The reaction formula is: a protective film with strong water and acid resistance , The above reaction will be inhibited under the action of the protective film. A small amount of K dissolved in white wine can make the wine aging and increase its sweetness; while the dissolution of Na makes the aroma of the wine worse and less refreshing, which will adversely affect the taste of the wine and increase the quality of the wine. The body of the wine is light and astringent; the effect of Ca on wines of different qualities is not the same....
Therefore, when glass bottle supplier are used to hold liquor, the dissolution of glass components has a potential impact on the quality of the contained liquor, and attention should be paid to the selection and use of wine bottles. Brewing and sprinkling enterprises should select wine bottles after they are selected. In the production process, pre-store the water in the wine bottle for a certain period of time. After the surface of the wine bottle forms a silicic acid gel protective film with strong water and acid resistance. Ran using it to hold white sprinkles can effectively reduce the dissolution of Na plasma in the wine bottle in the wine. Thereby reducing the influence of the wine bottle on the quality of the white sprinkle. The chemical composition of different glass sprinkler bottles shows certain differences. Wine bottle 1, wine bottle 2, wine bottle 3 are the composition of a domestic ordinary wine bottle, and wine bottle 4 And wine bottle 5 is the composition of a certain high white material bottle. It can be seen that the Sio2 in the ordinary wine bottle is lower and Nat. Higher, and the decrease of SiO content in the glass wine bottle and the increase of Na20 content will cause the strength and water resistance of the wine bottle to decrease. The content of Si0: and CaO in high-quality high-white bottles is higher than that of ordinary wine bottles, while the content of Z in Na20 and K20 is lower. The increase in the content of Si0 in the glass and the replacement of N or K20 with a certain amount of CaO can effectively strengthen the three-dimensional spatial network structure between [Si04]' in the glass, inhibit the exchange of Na+ in the glass and H in the water, thereby improving the glasss Strength and chemical stability have a positive effect on reducing the dissolution of the chemical components of the bottle in the liquor and reducing the quality of the liquor contained in the bottle.

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