Frosted wine bottle technology sorted by wine bottle manufacturers

From Glass Group,The technology is that wine bottle manufacturers use a special process to successfully frost the original glass wine bottles at one time, and produce high-quality products, whether used as handicrafts or glass wine bottle packaging, giving people a luxurious, noble, delicate and feminine feeling. Thereby improving the grade of goods. At present, the high-end glass packaging and glassware on the market still rely on foreign imports, and this process can be used to make my country's own high-end glass instead of imports, and the market is wide.

Frosted glass has a wide range of applications and can be used in glass packaging bottles to hold high-end wines. It can be used as exquisite glass crafts, such as tea sets, vases, ashtrays, etc. It can also be used for building materials and glass decoration products.

The processed sand glass can appreciate 0.35-1 yuan compared with the original packaging glass. The project has a small investment, large or small production scale, and the equipment can be processed according to the drawings, which only costs a few hundred yuan. The pharmaceuticals used in production are generally available in stores, and the investment can be recovered within the month of production.

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