Design process of wine bottle from china glass factory Glass Group

From Glass Group,1. Three elements of wine bottle design
A. Modeling design mainly includes bottle shape, color matching, texture and decorative patterns.
B. Bottle body material Since the wine product is in a liquid state and is prone to chemical reactions, there is a certain degree of particularity in the selection of materials. Iron is easy to be oxidized and rusted to affect the quality of the wine, and it will chemically react with plastic materials, so today's wine is generally The bottle uses glass and ceramic materials.
C. The bottle function design must firstly protect the carrier function, secondly facilitate the transportation and communication function, and then there will be a series of additional functions, such as psychological function, collection function, and reuse function.

2, the category of glass bottle design
A. According to the material, there are: ceramic bottle type, glass bottle, metal bottle, etc.
B. According to the shape of the model, there are:
Round bottle customized: This is a common type of bottle in Z. The bottle body is made of cylinder, cone, truncated cone, sphere, round altar, round drum and so on. They shape their personalities through changes in height, diameter, or a certain curvature. This process is simple and easy to use, so it is used more.
Square bottle: This kind of bottle body is generally divided into square column, rectangular column and so on. Both the mouth and the bottom of the bottle are round.
Polygonal bottle shape: The body of the bottle has at least 4 or more columns with multiple angles.
Special-shaped bottles: There are various spontaneously created personalized bottles such as imitation utensils, animals and plants, and buildings. This type of bottle is very valuable for collecting art. Special-shaped bottles have complex shapes and individual characteristics, as well as complicated craftsmanship and high cost. Some Japanese liquor bottles are very distinctive. Now my country's white sprinkling bottles blindly imitate foreign brandy bottles
3, the color design of the wine bottle
Nowadays, the color matching of wine bottles is becoming more and more colorful. Choose different color combinations according to the brand information expressed by each. In the past, the colors that are relatively well-versed in the past were more stable. Now there are red, yellow, green, white, blue, gray, purple, gray, coffee, black, brown, coffee, etc., especially ceramic bottles, the colors are particularly rich. The glass bottles are mostly transparent, brown or green. There are also many bottles that have been frosted and have a looming feeling.
4, the design capacity of the wine bottle
The capacity design of wine bottles is expressed in L (liter), CL (centiliter), and MI (ml) in the world.

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